Innovative 3D-Printed DomeHomes 


Innovative IndigenousAbundance Business Coaching

Innovative3D-Printed DomeHomes 


InnovativeAbundance Business Consultants

Goal: to Inspire and Coach Thousands Of Entrepreneurs worldwide to Accelerate their Business Growth and Social Impact thereby assisting in the Creation of Flourishing 3d-Printed Smart Villages Of Abundance for the benefit of humanity

Innovative 3D-Spray Printed Affordable Energy Efficient DomeHomes In Smart Villages


Innovative AI Powered Advisory Boards For An

Accelerated Growth Roadmap To Double

Net Earnings In 12 Months Or Less!

In today's complex business and environmental landscapes, our Indigenous-led company is dedicated to innovative solutions that honour our heritage and embrace the future. Our journey evolves from developing cutting-edge 3D printed DomeHomes with food security to AI-powered business advisory services.

Leaders in a World of Exponential Change

Canada's First Chinampas Homes and Garden Project: Providing Self-Sustainable, Inter-generational Affordable Homes, with food and energy security for our loved ones.

Since time immemorial.

Circles are a hallmark of our architectural and traditional heritage. Smart Villages Canada honours and adapts circle-based structures to provide a high quality, affordable living experience.

Our initiative proposes a holistic solution to the Canadian housing crisis, focusing on creating affordable, sustainable, and inter-generational homes. By integrating Rent-to-Own programs, Chinampas for food security, net-zero energy efficiency, and fostering family connectivity, we aim to build a future where everyone has access to affordable housing and a supportive community environment.

  • Can be Built on or Near Indigenous Communities.

  • ​​Has its own Secure Food, Water and Energy Sources.

  • ​Traditional foods and medicines supporting integrated wellness, in body, mind, spirit, and sum of all relationships within nature.

  • ​Virtual and Augmented Reality Education Opportunities Provided.

  • ​Cutting Edge Online Direct Marketing To Support Trade of Products and Services Developed On Site.

Are You Ready For the Modern Chinampas Lifestyle?

Solving the housing crisis, food security, and income erosion under one roof.

Kind of like an Air B&B combined with sustainable energy efficient living.

Smart Villages Canada imagines an interconnected web of thriving communities - rural to urban, grand or intimate. We harness progressive technology to generate enduring economic prosperity, fortified by our commitment to sustainable housing that is both affordable and resilient against the fiercest of climates. We envision a future where the fabric of food sovereignty intertwines with the richness of our soil, nurturing a vibrant tapestry of life beneath and above. Our promise is of a nutritionally abundant, healthy tomorrow that is firmly rooted in local agricultural traditions, yet empowered by our ties to global trade possibilities. Imagine a legacy homestead, redefined for the modern era - a Smart Village. Join us in co-creating communities where every resident not just survives, but flourishes. This is our vision. This is Smart Villages Canada.

Coming in 2024 Sponsored By The Elder Hood

We Are Innovators and Entrepreneurs

With A Unique Approach to Affordable Energy Efficient DomeHomes and Proven 80/20 Profit Acceleration Systems Making Business Growth Easier

Ed Champion R.I.: Founder/Director and CEO

Ed is a seasoned real estate developer, serial entrepreneur, and a Former Chief of the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation Government.       LinkedIn Profile

Chief Phil Lane Jr.: Co-Founder/Director, Visionary and Strategist

Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an internationally recognized Indigenous leader in human and community development.                       LinkedIn Profile

Greg FitzGerald: Co-Founder/Director, Technology

Greg is a social entrepreneur pioneering new technologies and business models to create positive impact.                                              LinkedIn Profile

AI Powered Advisory Board Business Advisor & Coaching Team

Stephen Hill

Boris Kirillov

Igor Lipkanou

Woyin (Gregory) Adedigba

Scott Wright

Business Advisor/Coach

Dr. Robert Jedicke

Dr. Karin Maiwald

Ph.D. Health Sciences

MORE MONEY CAN HELP SOLVE ALMOST ANY CHALLENGE: Imagine if, in under five minutes, I could reveal a strategy to potentially double your current profits, all without any additional advertising costs. Would you be interested in discovering this approach?

  • VISION: A Global Network Of Affordable, Sustainable, Energy Efficient 3D Printed Communities That Inspire Flourishing And Abundant Life Built On Sustained Prosperity.

  • MISSION: Our Business Advisors Leverage Technology And Entrepreneurship To Help Inspire and Create Results That Matter For Business Owners and Their Community.   

  • ​BELIEF: The World Is At The Crossroads Between Self Extinction & Evolution . . . And The Course That Humanity Takes Is Up To YOU . . . The Social Impact Driven Entrepreneur.

  • ​​KEY: Our AI-Profit Acceleration System Delivers Results For Business Hyper-Growth.

This is a movement about sustainable Smart Villages and supporting Entrepreneurs to help improve the current state of the world through business. We train, support, and provide the world with heart centred business advisors / coaches with innovative business systems to make this impact. 

Suing The Government To Protect The Peel Watershed

CBS "60 Minutes" Interviews Chief Champion


​"Indigenomics is based on a simple premise - an invitation of 'Who wants to play Indigenomics?' Together, we can achieve a national annual 100 billion dollar Indigenous economy." 

Carol Anne Hilton, CEO & Founder Indigenomics Institute Inc. 

Author of the best seller Indigenomics

"Our goal is to Inspire and Coach Thousands Of Entrepreneurs worldwide toAccelerate their Business Growth and Social Impact thereby assisting in theCreation of Flourishing 3d-Printed Smart Villages Of Abundance"

Ed Champion, CEO Indigenous Abundance Business Coaching

So Lets' Play Indigenomics ! Here's $2.5 Billion or More...

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Business Growth Made Easier for an Abundance of What Matters Most in Life...

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